Sand, Wind and Stars - LRDG, 70 years on.

LRDG 2012 Expedition.

Every effort will be made to make this expedition a great success, but it is undertaken subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
It remains the responsibility of the Clients at all times to ensure that they act with consideration for their own, and other members of the trip’s, health and safety.

Safety features on a 70 year old Jeep are negligible and it is expected that all drivers will have reached a degree of competence at driving off-road prior to the start of the Expedition. This will be covered in the two Driver Training Days in 2011.

A deposit of UK£1000 per person, paid before 16th December 2011, is required to confirm the booking. This is non refundable.

A second payment of UK£1000 is due on 16th January 2012.

The balance of UK£2200 is required by no later than Friday 2nd March 2012

Once in Egypt no refunds can be given. Should either Jeep fail, for whatever reason, it is hoped Guests will be able to continue the expedition in the Siag Travel Toyota’s. This is subject to revue, based on logistics, at the time.

Please make us aware of any special dietary requirements prior to UK departure.

Any medical conditions that may be of relevance once 500 miles from the nearest town should also be discussed prior to UK departure.

This expedtition will feature in an unspecified number of articles in national and international journals, with an additional possibility of featuring on a TV program. By being part of it, participants give irrevocable consent to the Photographers and his/her direct or indirect licensees and assignees to publish, republish or otherwise transmit the images of them in any medium for all purpose’s throughout the world and understand that the images may be altered or modified in any manner. The organisers will keep Expedition members notified of publications.


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