Will the two Jeeps, at nearly 70 years old, make it?

This cannot be guaranteed, but both have been fully rebuilt by Matt Savage and his team, with most moving parts replaced with new, supplied by Jeeparts in Shrewsbury.  They are certainly as good as the Jeeps the LRDG used, probably better.  Both have undergone a thorough testing on and off the road. See Blog for details. http://lrdgroutesrevistited.blogspot.com/
We all have good mechanical skills, especially with Jeeps and will carry a reasonable supply of spare parts. Siag Travel will also have a mechanic travelling with their team.

How comfortable is a Second World War Jeep?

Surprisingly good! Toby did a 350 mile round trip to Wales in the Ford for a days off road driving in August. It was a long day, but he still had the use of all limbs when he returned to base!  It is envisaged that two people will travel in the front seats and one in the rear, rotating positions as and when required. Of the eight ‘tourists’, two will always be in a Toyota, but this will be in a rotating order. There are no seatbelts and it should be remembered that the average age of members of the LRDG was somewhat lower than ours and they had a war to win, therefore were more accepting of discomforts. It will be tiring.

What is included in the fee?

Shipping two Jeeps to Egypt, Carnet costs deposited with the RAC on both Jeeps. The back up supplied by Mahmoud Marai and Siag Travel, all petrol on the expedition, all food whilst in the desert, the security of eight armed soldiers from the Egyptian Army. This is a law introduced by the Egyptian Government in the Spring of 2010 as a way of raising revenue for the military.

What is not included in the fee?

Flights to and from Cairo. Foreign travel insurance against missed flights, injury or sickness. Note: It is virtually impossible to be ‘medivacced’ out of the desert, so a good level of health and personal fitness is essential.

What about travel insurance?

Please ensure you have a good travel insurance policy that covers southern Egypt and desert travel. For those on regular medication – bring enough, plus a 20% contingency.  Before departure from Cairo, we shall take insurance details from you (24 hour medical emergency number, policy number, and insurer).

What will the weather be like?

At the end of April it will be hot. Possible highs of 30º C.  Bring a sun hat, sun glasses, or proper desert goggles, and plenty of sun block. We may also experience a Sand Storm, so a scarf to cover mouth and nose would be handy.  See the BBC Weather Guide for details.

Once off the tarmac will there be any shops or hotels?
No. There will be nothing except desert until we reach Siwa.

Will there be any alcohol?

Egyptians are Muslim and do not drink alcohol, but we shall certainly be having one or two at the beginning and end of the expedition. Our hosts may turn a ‘blind eye’ to the odd hip flask and, of course, the LRDG used Rum to take the edge off a long day in the desert.

Can you supply references?

Yes. Please email at lrdg2011@gmail.com and we shall be happy to provide the contact details of various referees.

Can we extend our stay in Egypt after the expedition?

Of course, but you will have to make your own arrangements. Siag Travel may be able to help, but contact them separately. We are only concerned with the organisation of the LRDG trip. http://www.siagtravel.com


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